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Draft Beer Systems
BBS Systems offers a variety of products and services for all your draught beer  dispensing needs. No matter the size of the job, from a small direct draw draught system to stadium size systems; BBS has the equipment & knowledge to make your system work to perfection. We are a British Columbia & Alberta based company proud of our reputation for carrying only industry leading products and top rated service since 1990.

Liquor Systems


One fact can hardly be disputed: Bar losses in the hospitality industry are out of control. Whether you're running a restaurant, bar, club, hotel or other beverage operation, it's a given that your profits are needlessly vanishing through the necks of all those colorful bottles. we are proud to be the BC & Alberta dealers of the top Liquor Control products such as Berg, & Freepour Controls.
Inventory Controls
We are proud to be the BC & Alberta dealers of the top names products Berg, Bevchek & Freepour Controls Between these three product lines we can take care of any of your draught beer & liquor control needs.  Nitrogen Generators
We have alternatives to buying expensive beer mix gas. A Nitrogen Generator is a Gas Generation system, which will cut costs every month.

Beer Line Cleaning

Beer Line Cleaning  is a service which we supply to over 4500 beer lines in B.C. & Alberta. Our maintenance program includes cleaning faucets, beer lines and keg couplers, checking powerdecks and the rest of the draught beer equipment. Part of our service includes free replacement of wearing washers, faucet bumpers & faucet caps (which help prevent fruit flies).


There are numerous advantages of leasing equipment over a cash purchase or bank loan. Some of the many benefits of leasing equipment:

Keep your Bank and Other Credit Lines Open
Manage your resources with off Balance Sheet Financing

Local Credit Approval
Credit decisions are handled by BBS Systems with fast turn-around and prompt payment of invoices

Pay As You Profit and Lessen the Impact of Inflation
Pay for the equipment with the money it produces. Lease payments are fixed and therefore inflation proof

Overcome Budget Limitations
Low monthly lease payments that will fit into your budget

Save Corporate Taxes
Lease payments may be used as a tax deduction. Write-off benefits versus depreciation

Defer the G.S.T.
The G.S.T. is not paid up front but spread out over the term of the lease

Avoid Obsolete Equipment
Trade up or upgrade your equipment without penalty

Flexible Programs
Select the terms and payment options tailor made to fit your budget, Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly

Simplified Accounting
Eliminate depreciating calculation and simplify budgeting