Proactive. Professional. Proven.


The smart way to run a clean operation.

Whether you’re a commercial textile cleaning operation or you provide laundry services as part of your residential facility or members club, consistent delivery of fresh, clean linens, towels and textiles is crucial.
We specialize in providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your laundry and sanitization system is always working efficiently and effectively, that your costs are always in line and the results are always great.

Is your current system providing you with excellent results? Is your current service provider delivering proactive, professional service?  Are you sure that your costs are in line? We’d like to help you find the answers.

Step One: a no cost-no obligation analysis

As solutions consultants, we’ll perform a detailed analysis of your current laundry systems and present findings outlining their current strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:

  • Results How is your current system performing? Our analysis will compare your results with industry standards.
  • Maintenance Is the equipment being adequately maintained? Are all health, safety and sanitation requirements being met? We know this equipment inside and out and will accurately report its current condition.
  • Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings & Environmental Impact Are there potential cost savings and environmental benefits to upgrading your equipment? e.g. If higher capacity washers would allow you to wash more textiles in a shorter time using less water, how much would this benefit your operation? We’ll show you the difference and how much you’ll save. Are your dryers operating efficiently and are they the right capacity for the output of your washers? We’ll improve programming on machines to shorten cycles, reduce water consumption, reduce chemical consumption as well as perform a cost per pound analysis.
  • Products Are you using the best products for your operation, and are they calibrated to reduce your costs and minimize your impact on the environment? Are solids or liquids a better option if environmental impact is a concern? We’ll look at work flow to help eliminate bottlenecks, safe handling practices and calculate space-saving benefits for storing products. Our report will give you an accurate understanding of your current chemical usage strengths and weaknesses.

If our analysis shows your system is working efficiently and effectively and we have no recommendations for improvement, if you wish we’ll shake hands and thank you for your time.

Step Two: Recommendations

If our findings indicate room for improvement and you’re interested in positive change, we’ll present our recommendations, detailing exactly how we would raise the standard in specified areas, what the costs or cost savings will be and exactly how your operation will benefit.

Step Three: Approval and Implementation

We will review these recommendations together and if you approve of them we’ll decide on the strategy and schedule for implementation. Then we’ll stick to it.

We promise to deliver:

1. Consistent, dependable results; sameday callbacksOf course you require smoothly operating equipment, spotlessly clean textiles and properly trained employees who can keep things operating efficiently. But what we really provide is peace of mind. Because someone is you trust is responsible for your laundry system 24/7.

2. Regularly scheduled service visits and itemized reportsDepending on your needs, our service reps will make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. They’ll do extensive system checks, machine inspections and preventative maintenance. At the end of their visit, you’ll receive a detailed report. Available soon electronically.

3. Proactive solutions We discover problems… before they become problems. If we discover anything that needs attention, we take care of it before it affects your operation. If your equipment needs maintenance or repairs, we’ll advise you of what is required and can coordinate with your repair service.

4. Fast, dependable emergency response 24/7 - 365 days a yearEvery minute your laundry system isn’t up and running means lost time that affects your performance. When you call us, we will respond to address the problem quickly and efficiently.

5. Monitoring your costs - assessing environmental impactWe can assess and summarize your operational costs as well as examine any environmental impact you may have. There may be some simple steps you can take to help minimize it.