Proactive. Professional. Proven.


Industrial strength solutions and service. Your way beyond clean.

No matter what business you’re in – transportation, manufacturing, food processing or running a micro-brewery, you need to keep your equipment - and employees - clean.

We formulate all types of industrial cleaners, from hand cleaners to safer, less corrosive chemical compounds to effectively take concrete off equipment without burning skin or etching metal. We can also formulate cleaning products for your special needs, Or private label any of our products for your application.

We go beyond simply delivering cleaning supplies. We’ll take care of dispensers and equipment, provide maintenance and help set up efficient systems for your operation. What you get with us is experience, advice and most importantly, expert instruction and training for your employees on all products and safety procedures.

We specialize in providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cleaning needs are fully, professionally taken care of at all times - so you can focus your time and energy on other things. Are your current systems providing you with excellent results? Is your current service provider delivering proactive, professional service?  Are you sure that your costs are in line? We’d like to help you help you find the answers.

Step One: a no cost-no obligation analysis

As solutions consultants, we’ll perform a detailed analysis of your current warewash systems and present findings outlining your system’s current strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:

  • Results How is your current system performing? Our analysis will compare your results with industry standards.
  • Maintenance Is the equipment being adequately maintained? Are all health, safety and sanitation requirements being met? We know this equipment inside and out and will accurately report its current condition.
  • Energy Efficiency / Cost Savings & Environmental Impact Are there potential cost savings and environmental benefits to upgrading your equipment? If so, we’ll show you the difference and how much you’ll save.
  • Products Are you using the best products for your operation, and are they calibrated to reduce your costs and minimize your impact on the environment? We’ll also look at work flow to help improve efficiency, safe handling practices and calculate space-saving benefits for storing products. Our report will give you an accurate understanding of your current chemical usage strengths and weaknesses.

If our analysis shows your system is working efficiently and effectively and we have no recommendations for improvement, if you wish, we’ll shake hands and thank you for your time.

Step Two: Recommendations

If our findings indicate room for improvement and you’re interested, we’ll present our recommendations, detailing exactly how we would raise the standard in specified areas, what the costs or cost savings will be and exactly how your operation will benefit. We’ll recommend the right mix of equipment, products and staff training.

Step Three: Approval and Implementation

We will review these recommendations together and if you approve of them we’ll decide on the strategy and schedule for implementation. Then we’ll stick to it.

We promise to deliver:

1. Consistent, dependable results Of course you require a smoothly operating cleaning system. But what we really provide is peace of mind. Because someone is you trust is responsible for its effective operation 24/7. Your staff will always be trained in product use and updated in safe handling procedures.

2. Regularly scheduled service visits and itemized reports Depending on your needs, our service reps will make regular visits. They’ll do extensive checks, dispenser inspections and equipment maintenance and general machine cleaning. At the end of their visit, you’ll receive a detailed report. Available soon electronically.

3. Proactive solutions We discover problems… before they become problems. If we discover anything, we take care of it. If it’s not our machine, we may be able to repair for you if we have the parts or will recommend someone who can.

4. Fast, dependable emergency response 24/7 - 365 days a year Every minute your cleaning system isn’t up and running means lost time that affects your performance. When you call us, we’ll respond to address the problem quickly and efficiently.

5. Monitoring your costs – assessing environmental impact We assess and summarize your operational costs as well as examine any environmental impact you may have. There may be some simple steps you can take to help minimize it.