Proactive. Professional. Proven.

Food & Beverage

Excellent results and efficient service.  No tip required.

Your establishment’s reputation depends on consistently providing a superior guest experience. One very important detail in that experience is presenting spotlessly clean, shiny glassware and table settings. We specialize in providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing this is professionally managed for you at all times - so you can focus your time and energy on other things.

Is your current warewash system providing you with excellent results? Is your current service provider delivering proactive, professional service?  Are you sure that your costs are in line? When was the last time you had your warewash system analyzed by a third party? We’d like to help you find the answers.

Step One: a no cost-no obligation analysis

As experienced solutions consultants, we’ll perform a detailed analysis of your current warewash systems and present our findings, outlining your system’s current strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:

  • Results How is your current system performing? Our analysis will compare your results with industry standards.
  • Maintenance Is the equipment being adequately maintained? Are all health, safety and sanitation requirements being met? We know this equipment inside and out and will accurately report its current condition.
  • Energy Efficiency / Cost Savings & Environmental Impact Are there potential cost savings and environmental benefits to upgrading your equipment? e.g. If your current dishwasher uses 300 gallons of hot water per hour, does it make sense to replace it with a newer machine that washes more dishes per hour using only 120 gallons? We’ll show you the difference and how much you’ll save. Concerned about your environmental impact? We have products that can minimize it.
  • Products Are you using the best products for your operation, and are they correctly calibrated to reduce your costs and minimize your impact on the environment? Our report will give you an accurate understanding of your current chemical usage strengths and weaknesses.

If we find your system is working efficiently and effectively and we have no recommendations for improvement, if you wish we’ll just shake hands and thank you for your time.

Step Two: Recommendations

If our findings indicate room for improvement and you’re interested in positive changes to your warewash program, we’ll present our recommendations, detailing exactly how we would raise the standard in specified areas, what the costs or cost savings will be and exactly how your establishment will benefit.

Step Three: Approval and Implementation

We’ll review our recommendations with you and if you approve, we’ll agree on the strategy and schedule the implementation. Then we’ll see it through to completion and keep your systems operating at peak efficiency. This is not a short-term commitment on our part. We want to keep your business for a very long time, so we’ll maintain this standard and earn your business every month, year after year. It’s true – just ask anyone we’ve been dealing with over the last 18 years.

We promise to deliver:

1. Professional, dependable results; sameday callbacks You need a smoothly operating cost-efficient warewash system that produces great results. By delivering these things what we really give you is peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that we’re responsible for your system 24/7. When you need to reach us there are no 1-800 numbers or third party call centers putting you on a priority list, making you wait for someone to get back to you. At Protonics you can reach us directly anytime you need us. Just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of it. When you place an order it will arrive either the same day or the next business day.

2. Regularly scheduled service calls and itemized reports Our skilled service technicians will establish a service schedule to best meet your particular needs: anywhere from weekly to quarter-annually. Scheduled service calls include thorough preventative maintenance procedures to ensure that your system is meeting performance standards. Hard copy service reports are currently available, with digital reports coming in the near future.

3. Proactive onsite solutions - what makes us different We detect problems… before they become problems. If we discover anything that doesn’t meet our standard, we take care of it. From a leaky hose clamp to adjusting the float cam in your water tank to changing a squeeze tube before it wears out, we make sure everything is operating at peak efficiency. If you rent the machine from us, you don’t even have to think about it – it’s just automatically done. If you own the equipment and we find problems that need attention we’ll inform you of the issue and ask how you’d like to proceed; get it taken care of on your own, ask us to help or have us refer you to a qualified repair service.

4. Fast, dependable emergency service 24/7 - 365 days a year We understand how critical these systems are to your operation - when you have an emergency every minute counts! That’s why we have qualified technicians ready to respond anytime you need us 24/7/365.

5. Monitoring costs and assessing environmental impact Warewash costs may be a relatively small item on your P & L, but we know it matters. We’ll work with you to monitor and control this operational cost. To aid some of our high volume and multi-unit clients we’ve developed a unique system to eliminate monthly highs and lows from ordering patterns. We’ll also help you evaluate best options for minimizing your environmental impact.

Opening a new location?

We regularly consult with designers and planners setting up new operations for our clients. Based on our extensive experience we can offer insightful, qualified recommendations regarding equipment selection, energy efficiency, operational efficiency, hot water supply and many other critical factors.

Do you operate a group, chain or multi-unit corporation?

We’ll put all our expertise and experience to work for you in establishing the systems, standards and procedures to make your warewash program the absolute best it can be. No cookie-cutter approach here, we apply the tried and proven, add our unique innovations and customize them to fit you like a glove. Services can include branded programs, operational procedure charts, staff training, billing systems, equipment modifications and branded product labeling.