Proactive. Professional. Proven.

Protonics Cleaning Solutions

Our products clean. Our service shines.

We began formulating and manufacturing our specialized cleaning products in 1995 and have grown to become one of western Canada’s largest full service suppliers and distributors of biodegradable cleaning products. We specialize in implementing and servicing many kinds of cleaning and sanitation systems, providing dispensers, equipment and ongoing maintenance for a wide variety of clients in the food and beverage, hospitality, retirement living, residential care facility, health, sports, commercial laundry and industrial sectors.

Once customers have experienced our level of service, they stay with us. Why? Quite simply, we never let them down. If there’s a problem, they can reach us immediately and we’ll solve it – promptly. If we spot a potential problem during a regular service call, we provide a solution… before it affects your operation.

Many companies overpromise when it comes to service, but we prefer to just deliver exactly what you need. Proactive. Professional. Proven. That’s BBSpro.

Big News! Protonics Cleaning Solutions Is Merging With BBS Systems Inc

We are pleased to announce that we that effective June 1st, 2016 Protonics Cleaning Solutions is merging with BBS Systems Inc. Find out more about the merger here.


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